Saturday, February 1, 2014

Well, wish I had the perfect excuse for not writing a thing in three and half years - but you know life happens. I moved to Texas to take care of my mother who was ill. We have lost her and my mother in law. I started a business - graduated to children - you get the picture. I have missed my creative outlet and need it. We moved to a suburb of Houston and purchased a home in a massive subdivision that feels a bit stepford wife to me - same color brick - same two trees. We even got a "notice" for having our antique park bench in the front yard. I need to make this home feel more me - eclectic and warm. This one will be sold soon - so can't go to wild. Hoping to make the next house our forever home, but for now here is a preview of the bathroom - that my dogs ate!
Just your normal bathroom - the same as all other builder bathrooms in this neighborhood - except my dogs ate my cabinets. You can see a bit of the corner in this shot. I seriously thought about ripping them out  - but because we will be selling soon, I'm trying to keep the costs down. Enter - homemade chalk paint. I love the look of grey with an old gold - elegant and modern.

After I filled in the chewed spots with "Rock Hard" I painted the cabinets with a chalk paint that I mixed myself. I  mixed a bit of unsanded grout, baking soda and Behr French Grey. I love color. I then mixed a tablespoon of white Kilz Primer with Minwax Paste and let it sit a while. While waiting for that to thicken up a bit, I took a dry brush and dipped just the ends in Martha Stewart Old Gold  paint and dry brushed in the nooks and crannies and across the front of the drawers a bit. I then rubbed in the wax.
I really love how the color turned out.
I bought these knobs on sale at Hobby Lobby months ago. They were only  1.24 a piece! Did not know what I was going to do with them - just that I loved them. They look awesome with the grey.
My vintage gold mirror tray with candle and perfumes.

Cute little "pink lady" plant from Home Depot in vintage milk glass.
 Hope you enjoy it. I'm a bit ADD - so not sure what I'm working on next but come check it out!

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