Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ryan.... weird, huh??
I'm going to have more time to Junque as of today - for the next nine months anyway. My four kiddos all headed back to school this morning! August 12th!! 106 degrees!! Whose idea was this?? This was a rough one - let me tell you that I only thought sending a 5 year old off to kindergarten was hard...try sending that one off to his LAST first day of school 12 years later....BOO HOO!!! I didn't realize it would hit me so hard. I've been feeling a little weepy anyway. My oldest looks like Zac Efron's twin - no lie. I went to see "Charlie St. Cloud" this weekend - it was like watching my son hurting on a 30 foot high screen. The resemblance is FREAKY.
Anyway - I'm crafting a back to school - crazy quilt like backpack for the little one - she is excited and picking out beautiful pieces of old and new fabric. I think I am going to do a quilt out of all of Ryan's old baseball shirts - it will be a LARGE quilt! Hailey - happy as can be to be back with her buds at school and looking forward to heading to Warrenton to Junque with mom and dance the night away at the JUNKORAMA PROM- and my Austin...well - he is a Houston boy at heart - and hopes to be there again soon...wish I could craft him a little happiness right now :(
Have a great one - make the most of it!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

eAt. pRaY. TiLe!!!

I am absolutely STOKED! I have my first follower who is not an old bud from high school/work days! Hola to Kacie. I checked out her shop online "Rowdy Maui" and love, love, love it! A gIrl aFter My owN Texas LoVin' heart!  Check her out - cooler than cool painted boots - might have to try my hand at that you crafty crafty girl!
Close up of mosaic top...
So - the past week has been brain numbingly exhausting. Praise StARbucks and my Grande Nonfat No Whip Mochas for fooling me into thinking I am being good calorie-wise, yet keeping my eyes open with the double espresso shots. You all know when I need to shut down the noggin - the junk comes out along with paintbrushes, mastic, tile - whatever the hell works!! I am getting sooo close to finishing the ugly desk turned patio bar - and have the 5000 nailheads and ugly gold velvet off of one of the two cool chairs with first coat of primer on as well. GOD BLESS KILZ and the many ugly pieces of furniture it helps to turn into ReClaImed BeaUTies.
Mosaic top in progess - river pebbles, stone and tile
Good bye ugly gold velvet and hundreds of nails  - hello my soon to be funky shabby beauty!!

Here's hoping you all have a lovely weekend! Make the most of it!

Friday, July 30, 2010

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowgirls...And They Still Are It Seems.

My Heroes and Inspiration are getting their own show - THE JUNK GyPsIes!! So happy for these ladies who left the corporate world and followed the love for Junque in their hearts and made a wonderful life on the road - picking and grinning and loving life. They are the sisters I have never met but feel to be true soul mates! Congratulations on your newest accomplishment ladies!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh Where Oh Where has my JunqueLove been...??

Dear Friends -
Sorry it's been so long since my last post!! Please forgive me , but - I have been on the hunt  - and unpacking  - and organizing - and packing again. I found some GREAT pieces! Got these for a great price at a sale in Bixby, OK BABY!! I'm turning this one into a patio bar - complete with mosaic top..... 

This will be the top of my bar - just wait it will be so COOL.
Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler...
A work in was it HOT this day...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bringing Home Strays - A True "Garage" Sale

In my "real" life job I am a realtor. It pays the bills on good days and on bad days it gives me the means to hunt for REALLY BIG castoffs.These are garage sales in the truest sense of the term. Homes - usually with a garage - or two - or three, for sale at really amazing prices.  The foreclosure market has left many strays available.  I say this because they ARE like strays to me. I want to take them home  and fix them up and give them a new life. My favorite right now is over 3500 sq feet - less than 100K !! I visit it a few times a week and can see what a great home it could be. I mean I AM IN LOVE. It's got that cool California vibe going for it. Email me if anyone wants to see it. But for now, I'll keep working on my curbside fairy finds and save my pennies for the big stuff.
My chairs will be cool when they are done - I'm thinking a glossy white on the dark wood, but my youngest wants acid green. We'll see...
Later Lovies!

Okay - not that I watch this show - but, it's like a trainwreck. I couldn't turn away!! The Housewives of New Jersey just flashed a REALLY cool chair in silver, black and white -  hmmmmm looked good - just saying. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Divine Whimsy - Great Jewelry with a Cause! Giveaways!! YAY!!

Hola Friends! Now, don't get used to this but I'm adding a second post today. My friend, Tonnie has this great jewelry biz - check her out on facebook groups page under Divine Whimsy. One of these pieces is being given away at for their Thursday give away! Check out her facebook page and post a comment on the gabby girls to try and win one of these cool pieces!
I will add more of her pieces along the way - I love jewelry as much as I love junque baby!!

Excuse the Mess.....Uhm It's In Here Somewhere...

I am outing myself - this is my garage. In my defense, this is after 3 moves in 1 year and it was raining - HARD - when I was unloading. It landed where it landed and that is where it has stayed.
Until now.
I am taking this - piece by piece - each one of my junkin' weekend finds and beautifying- funkifying- generally bringing them back to life. ONE - AT - A -TIME!! I'm bringing you along for the ride. So, friends - here we go!!
Now, this is not to say I am not adding all the time to my junquelove pickings! I mean just look my sistas at these great chairs I found! Who, I ask you could pass these babies up?? Not me!
I wanted to show you what I did with an UGLY 80's baby blue and mauve mass-produced piece of art. Well, they called it that anyway. Sorry, no before photo, but I painted over it and it is now hanging in my dining room. Not a great shot, but you get the idea.

More later! I will keep you up to date on the chair redo - any ideas on colors appreciated.